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- Turbina in titanio? ...Sì',
Descriviamo in che modo è stato lavorato il rotore di una turbina in titanio TI64A1 "da blocco solido". un caso tecnologico senza precedenti al mondo....continue

- O.M.S. Supplier Sorin Group
O.M.S., through its continuous evolution and application of the latest technologies in mechanical Hi-Tech engineering, began commercial relations with Sorin Group, a multinational leader in the supply of Cardiovascular electronical devices....continue

- O.M.S. Supplier Magneti Marelli Motorsport
O.M.S, through its continuous evolution and application of the latest technologies in mechanical engineering High tech, began commercial relations with Magneti Marelli Motorsport (division racing official supplier to Formula 1 and MotoGP)...continue

- New center turning and milling center CITIZEN mod. R07
The 01/15/2015 O.M.S. s.r.l. install a new turning and milling center CITIZEN mod. R07; it is a system specifically designed and built for niche applications in the field of micro-turning and micro-milling....continue

- Store management by Handheld
OMS, in order to improve the management of its stores, has introduced the use of a handheld with procedures tailored to our working reality. ...continue

- New Mazak Integrex I-200S
In January 2014 OMS set up his fourth Mazak machine . This machine, which was installed on a gantry loader with sixteen pallet to work in automatic mode, is equipped with the Mazak multi- tasking technology of fifth generation; has a large work area and high precision performance and an ergonomic design . ...continue

- Synoptic module
In January of 2014 OMS implements its system of production analysis using the synoptic module....continue

- New Lathe Mori Seiki NLX2500/700
In December of 2013 OMS install the latest generation of lathe Mori Seiki NLX2500/700....continue

On 12.21.2013 the company has obtained the extension of the validity of the certificate quality system according to UNI-EN-ISO-9001/2008, as a result of the periodic visit of the certification body Det Norske Veritas Italy....continue

- According agreement with the multinational SANDVIK
OMS makes an unwritten agreement with the multinational SANDVIK about their product efficiency and the latest technologies and important manufacturing feedback. ...continue

- Process capabilty
Improvement of the process capability control system...continue

- Speciale dossier Piemonte
La OMS sarà presente nello speciale di settembre...continue

- Capacity process analysis system
Study and validation of a specific analysis system of the capacity process. ...continue

- Company DATA net re-organized
We have re-organized the Company DATA net completely, installed a new IBM central server and each terminal now is connected directly with the server....continue

- Final testing of the washing area
Final testing of the mechanical parts’ washing area - it has been set a 25mq clean area, where have been installed also an industrial MIELE washing machinery of last generation, with washing temperatures up to 95°....continue

- NOCTRNE Management
We have started to use the NOCTRNE management as asked by a customer of ours, working on open orders and twice a week deliveries, keeping the customer warehouse always on-line and available....continue

- Control pieces serial numbers system
A system to control pieces’ serial numbers is installed- all the parts have a personal serial number, the reproduction allotment matched with the serial number are registered, so there is a full tracking, as it is linked to a specific serial number....continue

- Automated warehouse
Setting of a automated warehouse for piece uploading equipment, tools area and measurement devices (kardex megamat)....continue

- New multitasking center
Installation of a multitasking center with 9 axes controlled by CNC...continue

- O.M.S. show at Bi.Mu 2010 with ExagonMetrology
Pieces of Oms in stand of ExagonMetrology...continue

- Quality degree confirmation
Assign of prize for quality...continue


Since 1989, O.M.S. has been working on and building high precision mechanical parts based on customer design, in the aeronautical, aerospace, vacuum and ultra high vacuum sectors, with continuous growth in the racing sector.

We believe in innovation

Innovation: evolution of a well-dened and shared strategic context through knowledge, creativity, research, experimentation and action by change and improvement-oriented people.

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Technologies 2013 - 2014

O.M.S. mantiene costante l’aggiornamento tecnologico delle proprie unità produttive.
Per il 2013 - 2014 il programma di installazione di nuove facilities e di rinnovo delle attuali procede con l’adattamento e l’ampliamento degli spazi produttivi.

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O.M.S. Srl.   Viale dei Mareschi, 4   10051 Avigliana (TO) - ITALY   Tel: +39 011.936.72.60   Fax: +39 011.936.81.10  
Vat Code:   05857310014   I.R.I: TO - N.Rea:741325   Societary capital: 50.000 EURO