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27/09/2011 Quality degree confirmation news
27/09/2011 O.M.S. show at Bi.Mu 2010 with ExagonMetrology news
01/02/2012 New multitasking center news
04/02/2012 Automated warehouse news
01/03/2012 Control pieces serial numbers system news
05/04/2012 NOCTRNE Management news
01/05/2012 Final testing of the washing area news
05/06/2012 Company DATA net re-organized news
02/09/2012 Capacity process analysis system news
11/09/2012 Speciale dossier Piemonte news

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Topic : O.M.S. Supplier Magneti Marelli Motorsport Date : 10/02/2015
O.M.S, through its continuous evolution and application of the latest technologies in mechanical engineering High tech, began commercial relations with Magneti Marelli Motorsport (division racing official supplier to Formula 1 and MotoGP)
O.M.S. It is valid as a supplier with special mechanical target Formula 1 and MotoGP


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